About Us



We are located in Caldwell Tx. This time we are E-Commerce only. 

We got into this business in hopes of helping others by making products that could possibly help provide pain and stress relief and help with other medical issues.  ( Although we must add that our products are not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners)

We aim to please and are here to help if you ever have a question or comment please feel free to give us a call or email through our contact form here



About our Products


Our Products contain < 0.3% THC and are Federally legal in all 50 States. 


Our Products are made with lab-tested Colorado Grown Premium Hemp Flower. 

We only sell Full Spectrum CBD Oil products at CBD and Hemp Emporium due to research showing greater positive effects.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids, which makes it more effective compared to Isolate Spectrum. 


Unlike Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum CBD Oil has not had any cannabinoids removed, including the low amounts of THC.  The reason for this is that it creates a larger entourage effect than the other 2 spectrums.


Full Spectrum contains only trace amounts of THC, less than 0.3%.  The THC content is so low, there is almost no possibility that you would feel any psychotropic effects that THC is famous for.


All of the Cannabinoids work in unison for the betterment of the whole, THC included.




Benefits  and Uses


CBD has been identified as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, neuroprotective, analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-proliferative substance and is naturally produced. 

CBD oil taken orally could possibly help with a lot of things including regulating sleep, anxiety, mental clarity, insomnia, energy, pain and more.  CBD Oil is also inflammatory.  You can check out our Full Spectrum  CBD Tinctures here

Possible benefits of CBD salves. CBD salves have been shown to be effective for arthritic joint pain/inflammation, as well as localized muscle pain/soreness and chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Possible benefits of CBD Lotion

Benefits Could Include Muscle & Joint Pain,  Arthritis, Psoriasis., CBD Body Lotion for Acne, Wrinkles & Anti-Aging., Eczema, relief from Rashes & Burns.

Possible Benefits of  Hemp Flower

Smoking hemp flower can give a nice relaxed body high without the anxiety that marijuana tends to cause so people. It can also provide relief of nausea and much more.  

Disclosure:  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners.